Wilkes County, NC — a Lifestyle Choice

A large percentage of our population is approaching retirement age. They are looking for the best possible place to invest their money in property that will be used as their current vacation home now and their permanent residence when they retire.I have seen many trends come and go in real estate. Planned communities have become the most recent trend, offering accessibility to health care, grocery stores, restaurants, shopping, golf courses and lakes. There are many advantages to such a community. There are also some disadvantages that are not readily apparent.The nature of the planned community is that it appeals to a certain segment of the population. That is very nice in many ways, but it is also limiting.In a community such as Wilkes, you will have all age groups interacting and therefore a greater variety of opportunities available to you and to your families as they come to visit. The BMX track, the lake, the soccer fields, golf, fishing, stores, restaurants, etc. provide a wide variety of activities that will appeal to you all.Having children and young people around helps us all to stay younger at heart. Attending classes at the Community College is a wonderful way to stay mentally alert, informed and active.Walking the track on the Yadkin Valley Greenway or at the Community College, exercising at the Wellness Center, the YMCA or Lifequest, playing golf, and swimming keeps our bodies active.Joining the Wilkes Playmakers little theater group or one of the many community service groups keeps us active and involved.When you retire, consider the possibility that you might want to continue to work on a scaled back basis doing something that was an avocation. Having a larger community to work in is often a major advantage.That is one place our commercial real estate qualifications may be of use to you.If you want to open a small shop, day spa or restaurant, etc., we can help you find just what meets your requirements.Our familiarity with the community can put you in just the right location.Nestled in the foothills of the Blue Ridge, we are:

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