Why People Flock to Lake Havasu for Spring Break

Teens and twenty-somethings are beginning to think of this body of water as a prime spring break location. In addition to the spring break requisite body of water, the area also has beautiful scenery – including the Sonorun Desert, the Mohave Desert, and the Chemehuevi Mountains.Right alongside the Colorado River, Lake Havasu offers spring breakers plenty of outdoor aqua action. Lake Havasu spring breakers can partake in boating, fishing, swimming, and white water rafting. For those visitors who prefer land-based activities, the surrounding area offers plenty of hiking and mountain biking opportunities.Once the sun goes down, the real nature of spring break comes out. Many different clubs are available to party hoppers, and some even offer outdoor parties on the Colorado River. Reflections Lounge, Mudshark Brewing Company, Javelina Cantina, Slainees, and Kokomo’s on the Channel are among some of the popular places for party-goers to hit up. Kokomo’s is perhaps the hottest dance club in the area, with an island-themed watering roll that has a wide variety of drinks and a great view of the Colorado River. Not only is it the largest indoor/outdoor dance club in the country, it also boasts three full service bars, dancing cages, a stage of live concerts, and a pool for guests to cool off in.Lake Havasu has become such a popular resort that visitors need to book early if they are planning a spring break vacation. Due to the high demand of hotels and rental boats, visitors should plan on getting a reservation up to two or three months in advance.

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