Gatlinburg Weather Patterns

Gatlinburg and the surrounding Smokey Mountains enjoy a mild climate. Always comfortable, Gatlinburg weather consists of four complete seasons and allows for all sorts of outdoor activities, ranging from water sports and hiking to downhill skiing. When planning a trip to Gatlinburg, it is important to keep the benefits of all the different seasons in mind.For many, springtime is an ideal time for visiting Gatlinburg, when all types of wildflowers enhance the town’s natural beauty. High temperatures in the spring tend to range from the low 60s in March to the upper 70s in May. At night, low temperatures are in the mid thirties during March and heat up into the low 40s in May.Summertime in Gatlinburg is perfect for outdoor activities like white water rafting. Highs range from the low 80s in June to the mid 80s in August. Low nighttime temperatures reach into the low 50s during June and but only very rarely dip below 60 degrees in July and August.Autumn offers visitors fresh weather perfect for hiking and jogging. High temperatures in the fall range from the high 70s in September to the low 60s in November. Low temperatures remain in the mid 50s during September, and drop to the mid 30s in November.Winter is perfect for skiing and other winter activities, as well as for increased privacy from larger crowds. Daily highs remain in the high 40s in January, but often creep into the low 50s during December and February. While monthly low temperatures consistently rank in the mid 20s, a private cabin fireplace helps visitors forget the chilly winter temperatures.As for records and averages, July is hottest month, averaging a high of 85 degrees. The coolest month is January, which averages a low of 25 degrees. Although Gatlinburg is relatively dry, July tends to experience the most precipitation, with approximately six inches of rain. The highest recorded temperature was 106°F in 1936, and the lowest recorded temperature was -18°F in 1985.Although it enjoys a mild climate, Gatlinburg weather can be unpredictable at times. In winter and autumn months, visitors would be well-advised to dress in layers. Those visiting during the spring and summer might consider packing an umbrella just in case.

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